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Different Web Design Approaches – As Per Need

October 17, 2015, admin

A web design company has a number of artists who work for the best and user-friendly designs. Many concepts roll around web navigation approach and few are as follows:

a)   Inventor’s ideology- As artists are creative, we should let their ideas flow out and work. Any website is designed with the perspective of the world and creators’ eye. In such an approach, the design is found with certain sense of art where the result can either be loved by some or not. A design is usually driven by a personal interest and objectives of organization where both cannot be overlooked, but the design takes away more attention.

b)   Professional design- This is a very common type. A lot many layouts are available in this category. The designing in this case revolves around 2 factors. One is where the boss leads the idea and need behind the project, second is where all are involved in the company to help out with ideas and feedbacks. Such webs are designed for business purposes and result in an efficient workable way because many departments get involved in its working.

c)   Content focus- This is another web design approach. Here if the content is largely grouped, the client may lose the interest. It needs to be taken care that the content is not the only means to direct and rank the smooth navigation. Focusing upon relevant information is rather more suggested.

d)   User centered design (UCD) – This is a widely recommended design. It’s a user-friendly approach which keeps the user and its preference in the centre giving regard to their experiences. Many companies now realize the need to cater their potential customers through their websites and this is the most potential way to design and relate to the customer.

e)    High-tech designs – Such designs are technology driven and most often used. They help to carry out fast results and reach the objective in quickest way possible. The navigation system in such websites is smooth and driven by easy solutions.

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Wireframe Characteristics and Uses: As Explained By Web Design Delhi Experts

October 17, 2015, admin

When tasked with the objective of designing a complex website, you would rather be willing to find a way to handle the massive amount of information that is required to be put in an organized way into the right categories of website and to ensure that the navigation is also correctly established among the different parts of the website. Wire frames are developed by website designing Delhi firms essentially for meeting this requirement of developing a skeleton of a website which shows proper arrangement of all elements.

Characteristics of Wire frames

There are some important features which characterize the wire frames. These are:

  1. Wire frames are not interesting to look at by the artists since these are devoid of color, graphics and other visually appealing creative art, be it the typographic style.
  2. Developing these is more a work of organizational intellect than the creative or artistic innovation. These might seem to be rather boring structural frameworks of website elements.
  3. These can be created using MS-Excel and MS-Word in simple formats. Even the third party software is also available in designing these structures. For simple website, this can be done using the pen and paper only.
  4. These are the platforms for brainstorming related to the site structure and organization.

Uses of Wire frames

Web design Delhi companies use these for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  1. These give an overview of arrangement of website elements from the top.
  2. These help in determining what all functions and functionalities are required to be developed.
  3. These help in establishing interconnection among the different pages and elements based on relevance and practicality. This helps in clearly establishing navigation throughout the site. In fact, this is one of the most important use of wire frames.
  4. These are also helpful in deciding the placement, layout and size of different elements of a webpage. In this way, these are helpful in depicting the user-interface of the website or webpage.
  5. These are helpful in smooth planning and execution of design and development process since all aspects are comprehensively covered and structured so that the works can be assigned to teams in such a way that project is completed in least possible time.
  6. Their use is also in developing the mobile website prototypes and any other screen based interface for use of humans, not just for websites.

Wire frames also have their limitations for the purpose of website design. The designers often find it difficult to figure out what sizes shall be kept for various elements on a page. There are certain functions which are essentially for better user-experience such as giving the hover effect, which can not be explained through these frames. Despite these limitations, these still find wide scale relevance for IMGTECH web design Delhi service providers.

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Purposes for which the .htaccess.txt file is used by web design Delhi companies

October 17, 2015, admin

The .htaccess.txt file finds many uses by the web design Delhi companies which provide are often required to perform certain functions which are related to redirection, page permissions and even the restrictions. It is used on Apache based servers. It is an important file since it determines navigation behavior of the site for the user and the search engine and also allows for quick controls to different files and folders of the website. Here are some of its basics and uses:


  1. The .htaccess.txt file placed at the sub-directory level supersedes the one placed in the root directory. Normally, you place it in the root directory to have a control from the top but there many situations when you need to place it in the sub-directories or sub-folders as well. In these situations, whatever commands are required to be executed at that sub folder level are put in the local .htaccess.txt file. This situation typically arises when the general commands are required to be executed at the whole site but a few exceptions or some additional commands are required to be executed at the sub folder level.
  2. Another major use of this file is for redirection purposes. These redirects could be for the users and also for the search engines. Some of the main ones for which the website design company in India use this file are:
    1. Non-WWW and domain name (slash) index (dot) (extension) redirects to the WWW redirects. This is the usual practice for meeting the search engine optimization requirements of the site.
    2. 301 and corresponding redirects at the domain level.
    3. Changing the default page. Usually it is the index page of any website placed at the root level which is taken as the default opening page of the site. However, if you want some other page to be made the default page, then the same can be accomplished by coding the .htaccess.txt file.
    4. Redirection of 404 error message to a custom page: The 404 error shows that there is nothing on the server which is being requested. This error needs to be corrected since the users would assume that the domain name does not exist.  Therefore, this error message is redirected to a custom page using the 404 redirect command in .htaccess.txt file.
  3. Yet another benefit of this file is that is used for denying access to the users coming from certain IP addresses to the site. This is essentially done for the competitors who are using certain IP addresses to spy on you. The use of –deny from- command is done for this purpose.

This is also used by web design Delhi companies for stopping directory listing and also for the purpose of protecting a directory with password.

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Web design for mobile or desktop users, which one is better?

October 17, 2015, admin

Like most of the questions related to the online world, there is no right answer for this. The easiest way is to start by looking at smaller questions that might lead you to the ultimate answer. Imagine Technologies / Imgtech explain some of the important points you need to consider before deciding on whether to go for responsive designs or mobile sites.

Before going into further details, let us see briefly, what are the three different types of sites.

Firstly, we have responsive designs that are made for different screen sizes as these can adjust themselves as per the screen size.

Secondly, mobile sites are made for smaller screens and these are generally lighter than other types of web designs. Lastly, there are native mobile apps that can be downloaded on the mobiles and are much easier to browse on smaller screens.

For picking up the right web design, you need to know the following:

What are you trying to sell and to whom?

While designing, you are aware of your target market and this will be instrumental in deciding what type of design you will create. For instance, for e-commerce websites you will be mostly targeting youth who are likely to use mobile phones and purchase goods and services on the go. Hence, mobile or native mobile sites will be a better fit for these.

Level of customer interaction required

For high level of customer interaction, we recommend mobile sites and native mobile apps. Within these, if your website makes use of personal information of the customers, then native mobile apps will be more suitable. But mobile sites are more feasible when the data requires regular updating and wider reach to a large audience.


One of the most important factor, you should know your budget. The responsive designs and native mobile sites are expensive as they require high initial development cost whereas, the mobile are cheaper than these.

So, again there is no clear cut answer but knowing your requirements will help you in taking better decisions and picking up the right type of web design.

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So what’s trending in the world of web design?

October 17, 2015, admin

Who doesn’t want Their website to stand out in hundreds of Other websites? Let us see how we can help you achieve that. Here are a few very simple but equally powerful tips that can convert your web visitors into your admirers:

  • How about some negative space?

Ever since you started designing, you must have been told not to waste or leave out extra space. But we will ask you to do the exact opposite, give your page that extra white space (or negative space) to breathe and to highlight the most important stuff to your audience. Most of them know exactly what they want, so make your job easier by including only the most relevant information. Simply put, keep your designs clean.

  • Experiment with different colors

For a long time, blue color has been the favorite among most website designs. But it keeps changing as currently, salmon is the new black for web designs. The color is catchy and soothing for eyes and the best part is that it is not overused. You may still want to go with the tried and tested ones but there is no harm in being different.

  • Remember, people are using mobiles and tablets now

And this will only increase. So, The web pages need to be compatible with smaller screens i.e. have bigger text and help your visitors find the information quickly. To think of it, it goes hand in hand with the idea of having blank or free space that we discussed above. So, have bigger and lesser text, and see the huge difference it makes.

  • Be more real

Your audience is getting smarter every day. So, don’t try to fool them by showing glamorous and unrealistic pictures for products or services on offer. If you are looking to build long-term relationship, connect with them by displaying the products and services as is and using real pictures. They will, without doubt, love you for this.

In a nutshell, we would recommend you to stay strong and try some unconventional designs. Keep trying new things as this is what your audience expects from you.

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Ecommerce in India is all set for new dawn in the form of FDI being allowed by government

October 17, 2015, admin

The much hyped Modi government has come to power and as promised they are looking to introduce policies to fuel economic growth. One of the ways for a nation to grow economy in this age of globalization is to open their gates to foreign companies in terms of doing business or investing. Thus the government is looking to allow FDI in many sectors including ecommerce.

Ecommerce is growing at stupendous rate and at present Indian FDI policy allows foreign global companies to own market place to sell products online but doesn’t allow them to sell to the consumers directly. To understand this better, let us take example of Amazon- they cannot sell products to users directly through but let other Indian sellers to sell products through their website. Letting companies like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay sell products to Indian consumers directly means bringing huge competition to the online market. What this means for a common man is good as they might get cheaper stuff due to removal of middleman. Since these companies have global reach, they can source products at cheaper rate and therefore sell at lower prices as compared to retailers. These moves will most likely hit middlemen who earn their income while moving product form source to consumers. Local retailers have opposed the move as they cannot compete with supply chain, inventory management of these giants and hence cannot offer products at competitive rates.

But this seems to be inevitable as how much can you protect your economy from global competition, the solution is to get more efficient rather than shy away from outside world. India with its huge population, rising middle class incomes and high consumption present one of the most attractive markets for global firms. They are all vying to be the top ecommerce player in India and have been waiting got the government to give them a green signal. Government had its own reasons for their resistance to the same as independent retailers opposed the same. They were always scared of the competition but now the time has come to face their worst fears.

This will bring change in the industry landscape and change is always for the better- more efficient supply chain would mean benefit to the end consumer in the long run.

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Key Points to create the meaningful and artistically beautiful web design

October 17, 2015, admin

1408958540As it is said that human beings always biased towards beautiful things, each element of the web design must have ability to convey the personality of the organization and communicate messages that our users will understand and connect with. To create both aesthetic and meaningful web designs; we want to introduce web designing companies in Delhi with some of the essential key points.

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Important Design aspects for a successful website design

October 17, 2015, admin


Website design companies in Delhi strive hard to deliver sites which bring benefits to their clients and some factors influence that the most. Impression created by first look of the website’s design shows how professional, credible and welcoming the site is. Designers should maintain consistent aesthetics including color, fonts and use relevant images and graphics like real imagery.

Free flowing navigation system is imperative as it enhances user experience and designers should make judicious use of animation.

Most important is viewers to enjoy it alike from mobiles and tablets and be able to access it from all latest browsers so that clients don’t miss out on any traffic.

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How to check if it is time to revamp your website

October 17, 2015, admin

It is quite a subjective issue- whether it is time to revamp website or its working great for you so it’s fine to wait for some time. Many business owners often struggle with this question and don’t know where to look for the answers. If you ask a web designing company- they will give you 100 reasons why you should immediately revamp your website as it’s their bread and butter but there are some parameters you can check yourself.

Most important of all is to check if the content on the website obsolete or needs great revamp keeping in mind that some tits bits of information can be updated easily. If your business model or offerings have changed drastically, keeping the same old website can be suicidal.

Another thing is look and feel of the website- the trends keep changing and sometimes it is easy to make out an old website by its look e.g. nowadays users like large hero areas and not cluttered homepages. If your site is looking old, users won’t enjoy visiting it so update it with latest design for fresh look.

Keywords trends keep changing with time and if you keep track of your business and industry, you should get a new website which helps you drive traffic to your web site due to right keywords-this can be a game changer, don’t doubt the power of SEO.

Last but not the least, if your website is not compatible with latest operating systems on phone or browsers on desktop- don’t even think about keeping the old website. An incomplete or distorted design can be a put off so better to invest in a new latest website design and reap rich rewards.

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SEO for Responsive website design

October 17, 2015, admin

The hottest trend of the recent years and probably the one which has the potential to turn into A universal standard in future, Responsive website design is the one which is going to have a landmark impact in the field of web design, development and even online marketing, specifically SEO. The reasons are not far to seek since there are so many benefits associated with it that the whole process of SEO marketing, to be specific, will be rendered very easy.

While it is true that the designers and developers will have to use their creative abilities and a number of brainstorming sessions to finalize the size and the content to be featured at different places on a website depending on the device on which it is being used, this will make things a lot easier for the SEO Delhi service providers to perform their tasks. So, in what way does a responsive web design benefit the SEO process?

Here are pointers in this regard:

1. Relief from the Panda Effect: Panda update had created a lot of flutter and changed the way SEO companies in Delhi and elsewhere in the world used to write the content. Duplicate content is unacceptable and so is the inferior content. Responsive website designing takes care of the duplicate issues since there will be one site having only one piece of content which will be showing on different devices. Since there is no need to create multiple sites for every type of device, there will be a single content. So, there is no need to be afraid of panda and companies can make their site scal able on different devices without making extra expenditure for content for every device.

2. More in links: If you have only one website, then there will a number of in links to the site. If you have different sites for different devices, link building will be a manifold effort which is essentially a waste of time and resources. So, in terms of SEO response on devices other than Laptops or Desktops, Responsive Design changes the SEO game altogether.

3. Adds to the user experience and is an extension of the branding activity: When a user moves from a Desktop to a mobile or a Tablet version of the site, he shall find it all the same, at least in the essential respects. This is important to retain the customers and for making them come to the site again and again. If these are different, then customers might not put their trust in the site and might not return again.

While some experts believe that page load time and other crucial on-page parameters might be compromised, their fears are unfounded since there are sufficient development and designing methods which can take care of these aspects.

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