Advantage CSS- Web Designing Made Simpler and Easier

January 18, 2014, admin


In the present world where life is fast and time is money, there is no point working for long hours on anything that can be done in lesser time period. People prefer working in a smarter way rather than harder way. And the same principle applies to the website designing companies as well, where web designers prefer to work smartly these days in order to save their time.  Gone are the days when websites used to take a hell lot of time in downloading and visitors used to go through poor browsing experience. The present scenario has changed dramatically and website usability and accessibility are given more importance these days.

Cascading style sheets or CSS has made the web designing process a lot easier and flexible. With the CSS templates, table formatting has been replaced by layer-based designs that offer more flexibility in website designing. CSS templates offer web designers to systematize the style sheets and layout of multiple web pages in one go. If the nature of the website requires the web pages to be changed frequently then using Cascading style sheets is of great importance. It allows linking of a new sheet or editing the existing set of sheets in a much easier manner. CSS templates offer seasonal themes for website designing, thereby facilitating the designing and creation of different web pages. Web designers can move or edit HTML codes in web pages, and can make changes in a lot more easier manner. Since most of the browsers support Cascading style sheets, it gives a good browsing experience for the visitors. One of the major advantages of using CSS is that it reduces the bandwidth required for loading the website, thereby making the browsing experience smooth and without interruptions. CSS also helps in making websites more search engine friendly and there are greater chances of these ranking higher on the search engines.

Using cascading style sheets for web designing provides much more flexibility in terms of presentation as it helps in developing forward and backward browser compatibility. Some of the favourite CSS tools that enable web designers to create web pages quickly are Automatic CSS inliner, Clean CSS, CSS sprites generator, CSS text wrapper, CSS typeset and color finder. CSS automatic inliner helps in designing email campaign by transforming local style into inline CSS and avoiding long and lengthy process of writing CSS inline yourself. Clean CSS allows in cleaning up CSS codes and compressing files. Moreover clean tool helps in shorthand coding too. CSS sprites generator can upload multiple images of a large image at once and helps in making the web page quicker to load. As the name suggests, CSS text wrapper can wrap the text and morph it into any shape and size. CSS typeset is a handy tool that enables designers to have control over the visuals and configure the look of the text visually and converts it into CSS. Color finder helps in building own color schemes for the web pages of the site and allows designers to create pages as per their own preference.

Imagine Technologies always adopt the latest and modern trends likewise today CSS3 and HTML 5 for website designing and development. Advanced CSS has played a major role in changing the way website designing is done worldwide. It has made the process easier, faster, and browser-friendly as well as more user-oriented than ever before.

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