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How to check if it is time to revamp your website

October 17, 2015, admin

It is quite a subjective issue- whether it is time to revamp website or its working great for you so it’s fine to wait for some time. Many business owners often struggle with this question and don’t know where to look for the answers. If you ask a web designing company- they will give you 100 reasons why you should immediately revamp your website as it’s their bread and butter but there are some parameters you can check yourself.

Most important of all is to check if the content on the website obsolete or needs great revamp keeping in mind that some tits bits of information can be updated easily. If your business model or offerings have changed drastically, keeping the same old website can be suicidal.

Another thing is look and feel of the website- the trends keep changing and sometimes it is easy to make out an old website by its look e.g. nowadays users like large hero areas and not cluttered homepages. If your site is looking old, users won’t enjoy visiting it so update it with latest design for fresh look.

Keywords trends keep changing with time and if you keep track of your business and industry, you should get a new website which helps you drive traffic to your web site due to right keywords-this can be a game changer, don’t doubt the power of SEO.

Last but not the least, if your website is not compatible with latest operating systems on phone or browsers on desktop- don’t even think about keeping the old website. An incomplete or distorted design can be a put off so better to invest in a new latest website design and reap rich rewards.

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SEO for Responsive website design

October 17, 2015, admin

The hottest trend of the recent years and probably the one which has the potential to turn into A universal standard in future, Responsive website design is the one which is going to have a landmark impact in the field of web design, development and even online marketing, specifically SEO. The reasons are not far to seek since there are so many benefits associated with it that the whole process of SEO marketing, to be specific, will be rendered very easy.

While it is true that the designers and developers will have to use their creative abilities and a number of brainstorming sessions to finalize the size and the content to be featured at different places on a website depending on the device on which it is being used, this will make things a lot easier for the SEO Delhi service providers to perform their tasks. So, in what way does a responsive web design benefit the SEO process?

Here are pointers in this regard:

1. Relief from the Panda Effect: Panda update had created a lot of flutter and changed the way SEO companies in Delhi and elsewhere in the world used to write the content. Duplicate content is unacceptable and so is the inferior content. Responsive website designing takes care of the duplicate issues since there will be one site having only one piece of content which will be showing on different devices. Since there is no need to create multiple sites for every type of device, there will be a single content. So, there is no need to be afraid of panda and companies can make their site scal able on different devices without making extra expenditure for content for every device.

2. More in links: If you have only one website, then there will a number of in links to the site. If you have different sites for different devices, link building will be a manifold effort which is essentially a waste of time and resources. So, in terms of SEO response on devices other than Laptops or Desktops, Responsive Design changes the SEO game altogether.

3. Adds to the user experience and is an extension of the branding activity: When a user moves from a Desktop to a mobile or a Tablet version of the site, he shall find it all the same, at least in the essential respects. This is important to retain the customers and for making them come to the site again and again. If these are different, then customers might not put their trust in the site and might not return again.

While some experts believe that page load time and other crucial on-page parameters might be compromised, their fears are unfounded since there are sufficient development and designing methods which can take care of these aspects.

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Latest Jewel in Google Chrome Beta’s crown- ‘Hands Free Voice Search

October 17, 2015, admin

Google attempts to make life easier for internet users in every possible way- latest being enabling users to search by conveniently speaking aloud rather than typing the query. The feature can be enjoyed on Windows, Linux and Mac based Chrome users and can be activated with a spoken phrase ‘OK Google’.

To enjoy the feature, users need to simply click on the microphone icon on Google page in Chrome and then selecting ‘Enable ‘OK Google’’. Once this is done, every time you want to use it, just open the Google home page in Chrome and say the phrase ‘OK Google’ and follow this with the search you want to conduct. Presently available in English, it will be rolled out in other languages soon, as stated by  Google’s Ji Adam Dou. This latest innovation is in line with Google’s attempts since 2007 to introduce voice based services with features like Goog-411 voice recognition etc. It is an established fact that mobile is the future and convenience of voice over typing is the basis on which Google has attempted to introduce this feature. The demand for hands free search is huge- users looking for address while driving, looking for recipe while cooking with hands dirty etc.  Chrome Beta users have an added feature with latest update- syncing supervised user permissions in different devices from same user account which will help in uniform parental control etc. across desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

Critics have argued that the feature is not really ‘hands free’ as the users need to manually open the Google home page in Chrome as a first step to start the search. Thus some are passing this off as another publicity gimmick by Google. Though despite these comments, it cannot be ruled out that this feature is a very welcome addition to the bouquet of exemplary features Google offers- Google Correlate, Trends, Think Insights, Get Your Business Online, Webmaster Tools etc. each one of which is a masterpiece in themselves.

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The world is looking for an answer to Password Security Threats

October 17, 2015, admin

When Bill Gates identified the threat of password security breach in 2004 with his statement ‘Password is dead’, not many of us would have taken it much seriously but now we do. As internet users warm up to the idea of completing most of their tasks from the comforts of their home like paying bills, banking etc. , there is always a fear of internet theft in their minds. The fear is not baseless, given the rising number of incidents of password hacks leading to thefts.

Users share so much information on the net- which is highly personal on social media platforms, banking sites and ecommerce websites. With millions of websites, users get confused which ones are trustworthy & which are fraud. With most of the websites requiring registration, users tend to create profiles and for the sake of simplicity keep same password for all i.e. password fatigue (term used for the same). Hackers use this to access their personal information like credit card details, bank accounts etc. This has also led to many companies in the area of digital security like Trulioo, Launch Key etc. but none of them have come up with fool proof solution.

There are multiple ways for authenticating online and different websites are using mix of those so as to find best fit like voice authentication, sending unique codes as SMS, bio metrics etc. One of the most popular and latest one being leveraging information from social media to ask specific questions like Facebook does -when logging in from new device, it asks you to identify picture of people from your friends list something which only can do. The idea is to use dynamic information like places last visited, identify friends’ faces rather than static information like place of birth, maiden name of your mother etc. which are traditionally used in phone banking. The information which is difficult for the hacker to guess as it is highly personal but is all there on your social media platform. Bio metrics is also highly secure way but it is too risky as well since repercussions of releasing the same on net could be ghastly.

Thus in the absence of one stop solution, websites are using mix of these techniques to try and give hackers a hard time in posing as a user. As a user at least we can try to avoid this by choosing hard to guess and varied passwords and not be a victim of password fatigue.

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