Ecommerce Website designing – Imperative features to successful selling online

November 2, 2013, admin


With globalization, world has become a global village and web is the global marketplace. With lives becoming busy, everyone wants to save time and shop online for everything. Hence increasing number of ecommerce websites which enables users to shop for all they want with click of a mouse. Delhi being one of the biggest and busiest cities of India has thus seen lot of website design companies flourishing. Website designing for ecommerce website is all the more a delicate task as user experience is priority- the moment they get put off with anything, they will exit. Since online shopping is a relatively new concept in India, user experience needs to be smooth for them to come back.

All aspects of website development are to be taken care of by web designing companies- design should be appealing & welcoming, layout should be efficient so that products are easy to find, images of products should be clear, website easy to navigate, payment gateway secure, order tracking facilities etc. Website Design becomes difficult as priority is to show products, yet have to be simplistic aesthetics which don’t look cluttered. Products should be arranged in categories and varieties easy to be sorted so that customer doesn’t get lost. Flow to the checkout tabs, access to the shopping cart at all times, payment page, confirmation all should be carefully developed with loud and strong calls to action.

Website developing companies need to keep certain features which are imperative for a good ecommerce website to get more visibility and conversion rates. Some of those are ability of the user to sort & filter the product (categories by criteria like price, popularity etc.), get a clear snapshot of the product (preview with features, design, details displayed etc.), have search feature to narrow products as per interests, suggestions on similar products to aid the user in their search, availability of product (size, colour etc.), calculation of overheads like tax, shipping costs etc., confirmation of other details like delivery date, payment confirmation, order tracking number etc.

So if you are looking to get an ecommerce website designed, keep all above in mind when you choose the web design company in Delhi to help you. Also it is important to integrate it with social media presence for more conversion and should have a strong CMS to control inventory, track demands etc. So good luck with your search!

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