How to check if it is time to revamp your website

October 17, 2015, admin

It is quite a subjective issue- whether it is time to revamp website or its working great for you so it’s fine to wait for some time. Many business owners often struggle with this question and don’t know where to look for the answers. If you ask a web designing company- they will give you 100 reasons why you should immediately revamp your website as it’s their bread and butter but there are some parameters you can check yourself.

Most important of all is to check if the content on the website obsolete or needs great revamp keeping in mind that some tits bits of information can be updated easily. If your business model or offerings have changed drastically, keeping the same old website can be suicidal.

Another thing is look and feel of the website- the trends keep changing and sometimes it is easy to make out an old website by its look e.g. nowadays users like large hero areas and not cluttered homepages. If your site is looking old, users won’t enjoy visiting it so update it with latest design for fresh look.

Keywords trends keep changing with time and if you keep track of your business and industry, you should get a new website which helps you drive traffic to your web site due to right keywords-this can be a game changer, don’t doubt the power of SEO.

Last but not the least, if your website is not compatible with latest operating systems on phone or browsers on desktop- don’t even think about keeping the old website. An incomplete or distorted design can be a put off so better to invest in a new latest website design and reap rich rewards.

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