How to make a website?

November 20, 2013, admin

Not having a website is no longer a thing which you can live with in the present world. You have to admit that you need it. It is also a part of your brand identity, a sort of branding extension activity that is carried on to the world wide web and its many resources, that are called variously as the search engines or the social media in typical jargon. Even if it is not taken as a proper branding element, it still is important to give you or your business an online identity, make people discover you, know about you and even reach out to you. Making a website is also not such a big ask. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. Which way shall be taken will depend on a number of factors. Actually, there are three options before you for making a website. These are:

Hire a Freelancer

This is perhaps the easiest to go with. A freelancer will hold following advantages:

  • Saves you cost

  • Is easy to negotiate with

  • Makes use of his specialised knowledge

However, there are certain shortcomings as well:

  • Web design requires multiple skills which are highly unlikely to be found in one person.

  • For above reason, he or she will have to seek help from others and coordinate with them.

  • Takes long time for completion of project

  • If he or she is not able to work, project gets struck.

So, what are the situations in which you shall make use of them:

  • When you do not multiple skills or hire different freelancers for their own specialised skill and are able to coordinate with them

  • You have time on your side and are willing to wait patiently for a long duration of time for completing the project.

  • You have financial constraints

  • Skill set required is so specialised that only individuals are able to deliver the goods.


Using the online Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website

There are web-based online templates of design and the supporting hosting options and a number of customized features provided by the companies that can help in creation of a website on your own. These are popularly called the DIY websites which guide you through a well defined step-by-step process so as to allow you to create a website on your desired theme and with fully loaded features.

Advantages are that:

  • You get to make your own website, without any help from any person or company.

  • Can choose from a variety of templates of designs

  • You will get a modern website

  • Easiest and fastest way to create the site

  • Costs are least

However, there are following limitations:

  • Inherent limitations of what users can do on the site

  • No control over coding. Everything to be done within the set parameters


Web design company

Taking the services of a website design company is another option. Some of its main advantages over the other ways of getting the website made are:

  • Presence of all the resources at one place. Designers, developers, writers and others are present at one place

  • Better chances of getting the project delivered in time

  • You get what you want

  • Total flexibility in development, without any limitation

Some of its disadvantages are:

  • Is a more expensive option

  • Finding a right company might not be easy

The users shall select one of these sites to make a website depending on the budget, time, goals to be achieved through the site and other constraints.

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