Improve Your SEO By Making Intelligent Web Design

November 1, 2013, admin

Often people who want to promote their website on the internet do not know how to do it. This might seem ironical yet it is a fact that many website owners, even in the metropolitan cities of India such as Delhi, are not aware of the online marketing methods. Not being aware of or not using the online marketing methods makes it very difficult for any business to sustain for very long. That is the reason why marketing and promotion has become an integral part of running a business whether online or offline.

It is important that a website design companies develop online marketing strategies for attaining the goals of business. SEO, short form of Search Engine Optimisation, is one such method that gives you visibility on the search engine result pages. Since SEO is a process by which the ranking of the website is improved on the search engines, it gets the advantage of being viewed by a millions of web surfers, thereby increasing the traffic on the site.

The general principle of sales is to get the visitor attention that might be converted into potential sale. And the same principle applies to the marketing of an online business as well. SEO just helps in maximising the chances generating queries. The more the number of queries, the better are the chances of sales.

It is therefore required that a website should be designed in such a way so that it can be promoted well through SEO. For making a SEO friendly site, it is required to follow the following guidelines by the web design companies:

Design website largely for the user: The best way to make a web design is to create it with user in mind. Search engines shall not be the prime focus, though care shall be taken on what is preferred and what is disliked by them.

• Optimum utilisation of the landing/home page of the website: It is important to make complete use of the first page of the website, if you have to increase the traffic on the site. It is suggested not to waste the first page space using unwanted big logos or very big size pictures/ graphics. At the same time, there shall not an attempt to over-crowd the site with too much of information. Similarly, the landing or home page gives you the handle to manage the navigation to the rest of site and it shall be utilised judiciously.

• Avoid using too much animations and flash: Using flash animations might look fancy and catchy in web design, but these are not read by the web crawlers. At the same time, these increase the page load time because animations consume a lot of bandwidth, which is actually a user unfriendly feature. Though these might be able to retain the visitors longer on a site, these are generally not considered to be search-engine friendly.

• Make web design using layers instead of frames: It is better to make a website with layer based format instead of frames as layer based designs helps in search engine optimisation. Using CSS or cascading style sheets can be of great importance in the website designing. CSS not only helps in making websites lighter, but it also helps in the marketing of the site through SEO.

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