Latest Jewel in Google Chrome Beta’s crown- ‘Hands Free Voice Search

October 17, 2015, admin

Google attempts to make life easier for internet users in every possible way- latest being enabling users to search by conveniently speaking aloud rather than typing the query. The feature can be enjoyed on Windows, Linux and Mac based Chrome users and can be activated with a spoken phrase ‘OK Google’.

To enjoy the feature, users need to simply click on the microphone icon on Google page in Chrome and then selecting ‘Enable ‘OK Google’’. Once this is done, every time you want to use it, just open the Google home page in Chrome and say the phrase ‘OK Google’ and follow this with the search you want to conduct. Presently available in English, it will be rolled out in other languages soon, as stated by  Google’s Ji Adam Dou. This latest innovation is in line with Google’s attempts since 2007 to introduce voice based services with features like Goog-411 voice recognition etc. It is an established fact that mobile is the future and convenience of voice over typing is the basis on which Google has attempted to introduce this feature. The demand for hands free search is huge- users looking for address while driving, looking for recipe while cooking with hands dirty etc.  Chrome Beta users have an added feature with latest update- syncing supervised user permissions in different devices from same user account which will help in uniform parental control etc. across desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

Critics have argued that the feature is not really ‘hands free’ as the users need to manually open the Google home page in Chrome as a first step to start the search. Thus some are passing this off as another publicity gimmick by Google. Though despite these comments, it cannot be ruled out that this feature is a very welcome addition to the bouquet of exemplary features Google offers- Google Correlate, Trends, Think Insights, Get Your Business Online, Webmaster Tools etc. each one of which is a masterpiece in themselves.

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