Purposes for which the .htaccess.txt file is used by web design Delhi companies

October 17, 2015, admin

The .htaccess.txt file finds many uses by the web design Delhi companies which provide are often required to perform certain functions which are related to redirection, page permissions and even the restrictions. It is used on Apache based servers. It is an important file since it determines navigation behavior of the site for the user and the search engine and also allows for quick controls to different files and folders of the website. Here are some of its basics and uses:


  1. The .htaccess.txt file placed at the sub-directory level supersedes the one placed in the root directory. Normally, you place it in the root directory to have a control from the top but there many situations when you need to place it in the sub-directories or sub-folders as well. In these situations, whatever commands are required to be executed at that sub folder level are put in the local .htaccess.txt file. This situation typically arises when the general commands are required to be executed at the whole site but a few exceptions or some additional commands are required to be executed at the sub folder level.
  2. Another major use of this file is for redirection purposes. These redirects could be for the users and also for the search engines. Some of the main ones for which the website design company in India use this file are:
    1. Non-WWW and domain name (slash) index (dot) (extension) redirects to the WWW redirects. This is the usual practice for meeting the search engine optimization requirements of the site.
    2. 301 and corresponding redirects at the domain level.
    3. Changing the default page. Usually it is the index page of any website placed at the root level which is taken as the default opening page of the site. However, if you want some other page to be made the default page, then the same can be accomplished by coding the .htaccess.txt file.
    4. Redirection of 404 error message to a custom page: The 404 error shows that there is nothing on the server which is being requested. This error needs to be corrected since the users would assume that the domain name does not exist.  Therefore, this error message is redirected to a custom page using the 404 redirect command in .htaccess.txt file.
  3. Yet another benefit of this file is that is used for denying access to the users coming from certain IP addresses to the site. This is essentially done for the competitors who are using certain IP addresses to spy on you. The use of –deny from- command is done for this purpose.

This is also used by web design Delhi companies for stopping directory listing and also for the purpose of protecting a directory with password.

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