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October 17, 2015, admin

The hottest trend of the recent years and probably the one which has the potential to turn into A universal standard in future, Responsive website design is the one which is going to have a landmark impact in the field of web design, development and even online marketing, specifically SEO. The reasons are not far to seek since there are so many benefits associated with it that the whole process of SEO marketing, to be specific, will be rendered very easy.

While it is true that the designers and developers will have to use their creative abilities and a number of brainstorming sessions to finalize the size and the content to be featured at different places on a website depending on the device on which it is being used, this will make things a lot easier for the SEO Delhi service providers to perform their tasks. So, in what way does a responsive web design benefit the SEO process?

Here are pointers in this regard:

1. Relief from the Panda Effect: Panda update had created a lot of flutter and changed the way SEO companies in Delhi and elsewhere in the world used to write the content. Duplicate content is unacceptable and so is the inferior content. Responsive website designing takes care of the duplicate issues since there will be one site having only one piece of content which will be showing on different devices. Since there is no need to create multiple sites for every type of device, there will be a single content. So, there is no need to be afraid of panda and companies can make their site scal able on different devices without making extra expenditure for content for every device.

2. More in links: If you have only one website, then there will a number of in links to the site. If you have different sites for different devices, link building will be a manifold effort which is essentially a waste of time and resources. So, in terms of SEO response on devices other than Laptops or Desktops, Responsive Design changes the SEO game altogether.

3. Adds to the user experience and is an extension of the branding activity: When a user moves from a Desktop to a mobile or a Tablet version of the site, he shall find it all the same, at least in the essential respects. This is important to retain the customers and for making them come to the site again and again. If these are different, then customers might not put their trust in the site and might not return again.

While some experts believe that page load time and other crucial on-page parameters might be compromised, their fears are unfounded since there are sufficient development and designing methods which can take care of these aspects.

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