So what’s trending in the world of web design?

October 17, 2015, admin

Who doesn’t want Their website to stand out in hundreds of Other websites? Let us see how we can help you achieve that. Here are a few very simple but equally powerful tips that can convert your web visitors into your admirers:

  • How about some negative space?

Ever since you started designing, you must have been told not to waste or leave out extra space. But we will ask you to do the exact opposite, give your page that extra white space (or negative space) to breathe and to highlight the most important stuff to your audience. Most of them know exactly what they want, so make your job easier by including only the most relevant information. Simply put, keep your designs clean.

  • Experiment with different colors

For a long time, blue color has been the favorite among most website designs. But it keeps changing as currently, salmon is the new black for web designs. The color is catchy and soothing for eyes and the best part is that it is not overused. You may still want to go with the tried and tested ones but there is no harm in being different.

  • Remember, people are using mobiles and tablets now

And this will only increase. So, The web pages need to be compatible with smaller screens i.e. have bigger text and help your visitors find the information quickly. To think of it, it goes hand in hand with the idea of having blank or free space that we discussed above. So, have bigger and lesser text, and see the huge difference it makes.

  • Be more real

Your audience is getting smarter every day. So, don’t try to fool them by showing glamorous and unrealistic pictures for products or services on offer. If you are looking to build long-term relationship, connect with them by displaying the products and services as is and using real pictures. They will, without doubt, love you for this.

In a nutshell, we would recommend you to stay strong and try some unconventional designs. Keep trying new things as this is what your audience expects from you.

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