Web design for mobile or desktop users, which one is better?

October 17, 2015, admin

Like most of the questions related to the online world, there is no right answer for this. The easiest way is to start by looking at smaller questions that might lead you to the ultimate answer. Imagine Technologies / Imgtech explain some of the important points you need to consider before deciding on whether to go for responsive designs or mobile sites.

Before going into further details, let us see briefly, what are the three different types of sites.

Firstly, we have responsive designs that are made for different screen sizes as these can adjust themselves as per the screen size.

Secondly, mobile sites are made for smaller screens and these are generally lighter than other types of web designs. Lastly, there are native mobile apps that can be downloaded on the mobiles and are much easier to browse on smaller screens.

For picking up the right web design, you need to know the following:

What are you trying to sell and to whom?

While designing, you are aware of your target market and this will be instrumental in deciding what type of design you will create. For instance, for e-commerce websites you will be mostly targeting youth who are likely to use mobile phones and purchase goods and services on the go. Hence, mobile or native mobile sites will be a better fit for these.

Level of customer interaction required

For high level of customer interaction, we recommend mobile sites and native mobile apps. Within these, if your website makes use of personal information of the customers, then native mobile apps will be more suitable. But mobile sites are more feasible when the data requires regular updating and wider reach to a large audience.


One of the most important factor, you should know your budget. The responsive designs and native mobile sites are expensive as they require high initial development cost whereas, the mobile are cheaper than these.

So, again there is no clear cut answer but knowing your requirements will help you in taking better decisions and picking up the right type of web design.

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