Wireframe Characteristics and Uses: As Explained By Web Design Delhi Experts

October 17, 2015, admin

When tasked with the objective of designing a complex website, you would rather be willing to find a way to handle the massive amount of information that is required to be put in an organized way into the right categories of website and to ensure that the navigation is also correctly established among the different parts of the website. Wire frames are developed by website designing Delhi firms essentially for meeting this requirement of developing a skeleton of a website which shows proper arrangement of all elements.

Characteristics of Wire frames

There are some important features which characterize the wire frames. These are:

  1. Wire frames are not interesting to look at by the artists since these are devoid of color, graphics and other visually appealing creative art, be it the typographic style.
  2. Developing these is more a work of organizational intellect than the creative or artistic innovation. These might seem to be rather boring structural frameworks of website elements.
  3. These can be created using MS-Excel and MS-Word in simple formats. Even the third party software is also available in designing these structures. For simple website, this can be done using the pen and paper only.
  4. These are the platforms for brainstorming related to the site structure and organization.

Uses of Wire frames

Web design Delhi companies use these for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  1. These give an overview of arrangement of website elements from the top.
  2. These help in determining what all functions and functionalities are required to be developed.
  3. These help in establishing interconnection among the different pages and elements based on relevance and practicality. This helps in clearly establishing navigation throughout the site. In fact, this is one of the most important use of wire frames.
  4. These are also helpful in deciding the placement, layout and size of different elements of a webpage. In this way, these are helpful in depicting the user-interface of the website or webpage.
  5. These are helpful in smooth planning and execution of design and development process since all aspects are comprehensively covered and structured so that the works can be assigned to teams in such a way that project is completed in least possible time.
  6. Their use is also in developing the mobile website prototypes and any other screen based interface for use of humans, not just for websites.

Wire frames also have their limitations for the purpose of website design. The designers often find it difficult to figure out what sizes shall be kept for various elements on a page. There are certain functions which are essentially for better user-experience such as giving the hover effect, which can not be explained through these frames. Despite these limitations, these still find wide scale relevance for IMGTECH web design Delhi service providers.

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